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Longhorns are the oldest British breed of cattle. They have increased marbling of fat, which melts into the meat during cooking and gives it a fantastic flavour. Proper hanging is vital and our meat is hung for a minimum of 25 days. This matures the beef, tenderises it and produces a truly outstanding flavour in all cuts. Supermarket beef is often on sale after just a few days.

It is not just us who think that Longhorn beef is the best beef you can buy…

Longhorn beef came out the resounding winner of a tasting competition conducted by Country Life magazine to find Britain’s Best Steak. A panel of judges found the Longhorn Steak to be ‘delicious’, ‘very sweet’ and ‘melts in the mouth’. Once you’ve tasted Longhorn Beef you have tasted real beef – nothing else compares!

Reckoned to be the best beef around by Heston Blumenthal as quoted in the Times ‘in my test of various breeds Longhorn came out the clear winner’.

John Stanley, Chairman of the Longhorn Cattle Society said, ‘Longhorns are not just a pretty face; they produce superior quality beef that commands premium prices. Once you’ve tasted Longhorn beef you’ve tasted real beef – nothing else compares!’